GWAS in Nature Genetics. The end?

Is Nature Genetics considering to publish a “non-GWAS paper”?! Really?! This is at least what “The Allium” has been reporting. Big news, certainly… but we have to wait until these rumours are confirmed. Anyway, this might represent a key moment in history. I can only but ask, when nothing else but rare variant studies are published (say 2018), will we consider this moment as the beginning of the “death” of classical GWAS?

Meanwhile, I can suggest another interesting question regarding NG and GWAS. What happened after their famous “Asking for more” editorial in July 2012? “(From now on) we also ask that authors publish or database the genotype frequencies or association P values for all SNPs investigated, whether or not they reached genome-wide significance”. From August 2012 to January 2014: 18 issues of Nature Genetics. How many GWAS? 10, 20, a hundred? Of those, how many provide access to the list of genome-wide P values? Mmmm… one, two…three? Definitely, important questions that qualify for an interesting piece of investigative journalism…

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