Three New Year’s resolutions…

Three New Year’s resolutions for 2014. First, start with jogging (again). Second, improve my writing skills; be more used to it, do it in English. Third, resume reading literature. This is why I thought about opening a blog*.

A blog? Yes, you are right, a new blog, in 2014… But do you have any better suggestion for my non-jogging resolutions? Doing it a bit formal, a Memorial of Understanding for the blog could be something like: “For the 2014 January 1st – 2014 December 31st period, I plan to post about interesting papers published in human quantitative and population genetics. I may also post about papers dealing with interesting aspects of human population history discovered through DNA research. Posting about other interesting topics (such as economy, politics, or Athletic Club’s latest games) won’t be encouraged“.

But I don’t like formalities that much. Here you are with my scientific blog. Let’s see what 2014 is about to bring!

* Well, there is a further factor behing this blog. Lastly, I have shared many discussions about papers, possible projects and a few crazy ideas with a very talented man in my lab. He suggested that each of us could open a scientific blog about all this stuff. There you go… thanks for being so pushy, Kevin!

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